Saturday, February 11, 2012

See, It Really Does Get Better....

After our disappointment over the last week, it seems something good has finally happened. The long, interminable wait we've been in regarding our IMPACT Training invite is finally over. Our invite arrived in the mail yesterday!

It wasn't completely unexpected, but I didn't want to say anything until it had actually gotten here because....well, you guys have seen how things tend to go for me if I get too excited about something, so I figured I'd wait it out and let the invite actually arrive before I made an announcement. So, you want the story of how I kind of knew to expect it? Okay, here goes....

On Wednesday, I finally decided I would call our caseworker and see what was going on with the invite. We attended orientation on November 15, so it's been almost 3 months. I know she had said we wouldn't have the classes until after the first of the year and that it may be February when they start, but, well, we're now in February and we'd still heard nothing. So, I made the call. Only to find out our caseworker is no longer employed with the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS)!

Yup, I panicked. I franctically asked the lady who answered the phone who our new caseworker was. She stated she didn't know, but gave me a number to call where "they might be able to help" me. I called the new number and it turned out to be the number to our new caseworker, fortunately. She stated that it was a good thing I had called because she was sending out the invites that afternoon and she didn't seem to have our file! She said she was still having to hunt down several of the files to get everything together but that our invite would be in the mail on Wednesday evening.

I was very excited to see it actually here yesterday when I got home from work! Now we just have to wait for the day! We're scheduled to begin training on February 28. Classes will be every Tuesday from 6pm to 9pm for 7 consecutive weeks. At the end of that time, we should have finished not only the training, but our homestudy and be waiting only on the write-up and, hopefully, it won't be long until we have our child with us!! So excited now! Praying the time hurries through!


Gem said...

Ooh :) i have just caught up with the events of this week :( sorry things have been such an emotional reollercoaster again, your journey seems long and difficult but I truly believe your perseverance will pay off eventually huny x

Mrs. Gamgee said...

I stopped by the other day, but for some reason my comment didn't want to post. I am so very sorry that things turned out the way they did with Juno.

I'm glad that the rigamaroll with your caseworker is finally sorted out and you are now able to start making some progress. Praying this is just the beginning of some great forward momentum.

Emily said...

That is so exciting! Praying time flies for you!

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