Friday, April 9, 2010

What The Heck Is Wrong With People???

I just read the article about the Tennessee woman who sent her seven-year-old adopted Russian son back to Russia.....alone. I mean, come on! What is wrong with people?!?!

First of all, she chose to adopt this little boy! He had been in care in Russia and he was six years old at the time....of course he's going to have psychological problems! Anyone who has ever considered adoption from foster care or adoption of an older child from overseas should have considered the probability of that child needing counseling and probably counseling with a psychiatrist. It's a lot for a person to deal with. Hell, it's a lot for an adult to deal with....for a child it's a huge, astronomical, mountainous thing to deal with! And yet, this woman felt her child was dispensible. Oh, he's damaged goods....guess I'll take him back to the store! I certainly don't want any part of him! I only want a perfect child.

Things like this make me so angry! Now the Russian government is considering halting adoption of Russian children by US citizens and, frankly, who can really blame them? This woman put a seven-year-old on an international flight alone. Don't hand me that bull that "a flight attendant was watching him". Have you ever been on an international flight? I have. Those flight attendants are extremely busy! This was a baby traveling across the ocean and several countries alone. And yet again I repeat, WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE??????

I am pleased to see that the mother is possibly facing child abandonment charges because, like it or not, she is that child's mother. That makes her responsible for his care and well-being. I don't know about you, but putting your kid on an international flight alone is not my idea of taking care of your child. And once you sign those papers, or push that baby out, or even take custody of a child, YOU ARE THEIR PARENT!!! You can't just say "Oh, I have a child who misbehaves. I don't want them anymore, so I'm no longer their parent." It just doesn't work that way.

I hope they convict her of abandonment. I hope she someday feels remorse for what she's done to an already scarred child. I hope that child can find someone who loves him for him.

I'm interested to know your opinions on this case. Do you think it's abandonment? Or do you think the mother had a right to do what she did?


Debbs said...

There was a case here in Canada where a doctor and his wife adopted a Romania girl (short after the Berlin Wall came down) and they end up sending her back too. Now she is in limbo ( and has been since), one of the news shows here did a show it and the DR. didn't seem to care how her wreck that child's life.

I think these people are very self centered and showed be locked away for child abandonment.

Thanks to these "people" lots of countries are now tighten international adoption.

Alana said...

1st---WOW cool coincidence I just noticed our blogoversaries are on the SAME day! Way awesome!

2nd---Sickened by this article and news story. I had not heard of it until reading it (and viewing the video clip) at the link you posted. I feel so terribly for the boy! Surely being abandoned by his adoptive mother will only add to the mental turmoil he was already experiencing.

I hope the mother is convicted. A message must be sent that adoption is PERMANENT. Like you, I am disheartened that she had even considered that he could be "returned." For God's sake he is a CHILD, not a pair of pants that don't fit.

In addition to abandonment charges, I think a case could also be made for emotional abuse. The mother had to have wreaked havoc on the child's emotional stability by abandoning him. Poor baby!

AKD said...

This is so tragically sad. I agree - adoption is permanent, and this should be punished.

A said...

I think it is really sad for everyone involved and for everyone who feel it's their calling to adopt from Russia in the future. It's sad that this lady somehow convinced herself that an older child from Russia would be perfect (my cousins adopted a 15-month old from Russia, and even she had attachment/social issues!!). It's sad that she either didn't receive counseling as to what to expect, or if she did receive it, she was in denial. It's obviously incredibly sad for the little boy. And, it's really awful for those waiting to adopt from Russia and those who had previously wanted to, because I have a feeling that it's going to change adoptions from there in a BIG way.

And it's sad that it's already turned into a blame game (the orhpanage lied to her, etc.). Come on. Take responsibility for your actions (and your money, for pete's sake- adopting from Russia ain't free!)!! She is the one who chose to adopt from Russia (and I think, if I'm remembering correctly, she would have had to make two trips- one to meet the boy and one to finalize, so it's not like she hadn't met him!), and I think she'd be hard pressed to find a family who had travelled the same road who didn't have to deal with some type of behavioral issue!

Amaprincess said...

That woman DISGUSTS me! Poor little guy!

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