Monday, January 11, 2010

Four Years

Today is the four year anniversary of The Hubs and I returning to the USA from England. It really does not seem as though its been that long! I remember the day we flew back very clearly. We were both so full of hope for what our new life was going to bring our way.

Clearly we had no idea the path we had chosen would be so covered with obstacles! Four years on, we're actually farther away from acheiving our dreams than we previously were. Having said that, at least we now have a diagnosis and know why we're struggling to conceive. We're only one stroke of good luck/one blessing away from moving on to better things.

So, in keeping with my previous promise to look for the joyful things in my life, I'll instead focus on the positive.

  1. The Hubs managed to get 22 fresh applications out last week. In one week. I'm very proud of him!

  2. I kept a 4.0 for the whole of my first year at university! I'm very happy about this. I would really like to keep this up for the whole of my degree so I can graduate with honors. That would be awesome!

  3. I've started looking for a new job in a city with larger economic opportunity. It's where we always wanted to settle anyway, so we decided it couldn't hurt for me to start looking. If I get a job there, then we can move and The Hubs can continue looking from there. In the meantime, he'll continue looking in several places, including this city.

  4. My French lessons are coming along well. I'm actually picking up quite a bit!

  5. I'm really very excited about Kristin's book challenge! I love to read anyway, but I know this will give me encouragement when I'm feeling like being lazy with my reading. So, if you've got any suggestions about good books to read, please let me know! I love mysteries, thrillers, comedies, personal growth, sci-fi/fantasy, love stories, drama.....basically pretty much anything other than westerns. I really don't like westerns. They don't do anything for me, lol!

  6. I've decided to follow suit with some of my fellow bloggers and sign up for Sock It To Me Week hosted by Kym at I'm a Smart One. It sounds like a lot of fun, so go on over and get signed up for yourself!

  7. I'm feeling much more positive about things these days. Not sure why, but I really do feel like a solution is just around the corner. I hope I'm right!

That's about it in my world these days. Nothing too exciting to share. My body can't seem to make up its mind what to do about Oing this month. My temps have been very up and down, so I don't know if I'll even manage to O. Praying it happens and that we magically manage to catch the right moment this month.

Au revoir mes amis!


Baby Wanted said...

22 in one week... that is amazing! Good for him!

How exciting...ooh la la!

I hope your intuition is correct!

Kristin said...

Glad you are joining in this year! And, thanks for the publicity.

AKD said...

Holy cow, I bet his typing fingers are sore! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome job on the 4.0

aceswyf said...

Wow - I can't believe it's been four years already? You moved back a few months before we moved back to Seattle!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for Rich! 22 applications in one week is QUITE an accomplishment! I think my record was 14 and the only reason I stopped at 14 is because my head was going to explode :-) :-)

I like your idea of keeping things positive, I've been working on that too and it really does help your overall mood! :-) (WHO KNEW, right?!?!)

A said...

Bonjour! I just left you an award on my blog :) So glad you're feeling more positive lately!!

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