Friday, August 31, 2012

Highs and Lows

It's been one of those days where I've had some of my best moments ever, but also some of my worst.

I'll start with the best. In adoption news, this is a biggie. WE ARE DONE WITH OUR HOMESTUDY!!!!! We had our final home visit today and we are done! Our caseworker took the photos of the home and of us that she needed, got some final bits of paperwork from us and said she hoped to submit our homestudy for approval next week. As she was leaving she said "I'll let you know when it's approved." Not IF it's approved, but WHEN it's approved! This is the best news yet in our adoption journey! So freaking excited!

But it seems I can't have a good day without something dark clouding it over. I have to give you a few details here about my work. Today was the fiscal year end at my work place. Having our final home visit scheduled for today, I had asked for the day off. I had also worked my full 40 hours this week. The problem is that I've been working on keying in some charges over the last couple of weeks and I've been a little behind. When I left work yesterday, I had keyed all the charges through August 23 and would be starting on August 24's charges on Tuesday. The year won't officially close out for charges until Tuesday. So, imagine my surprise when my boss called stating (apologetically) that her boss - our CFO - had demanded I come in today and finish the charges for the rest of the month. I didn't have a problem with this (once we'd finished our home visit) as long as they would approve my overtime. But no, I was told I had to complete them on my own time! I was outraged! This, as most of you will know, is illegal. However, I need my job, so I went in and worked 6 hours of my own time to complete the charges. I wasn't happy about it and I will be seeking legal advice to determine if this, along with the rest of the if-not-discriminatory-certainly-borderline crap I've put up with over the last few weeks (including telling me that our adoption would have to go on the back burner, that work was more important), is enough legal ground to seek a lawsuit against my employer. In the meantime, my jobhunt just went into overdrive and I'm going to bear my work situation as best I can. Please keep your fingers crossed I find another job soon!

I'm headed to bed now. It's been a long, long day full of highs and lows, but it's all going to be okay. I just know it. Toodles!


Jjiraffe said...

Oh, that's outrageous!!! I'm boiling just reading this on your behalf! Sorry.

On the other hand, so pleased about the home study!!! Hooray :)

Jamie said...

Congratulations on the home study! Sounds really promising!

I can't believe any employer out there expects anyone to work overtime for free! That's just ridiculous! Hang in there, hopefully something more promising will turn up soon!

Deb said...

Yay for the homestudy being done! Boo for the work situation. Hopefully you can get that sorted soon.

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