Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Dangers of Car-Shopping

As I'm sure many of you across the country have experienced yourselves, the Wistful part of the world has been under tornado warnings and flood advisories today. Most sane people would stay inside. Most logical folks would stay off the road. Most level-headed individuals would take cover.

For the record, The Hubs and I have never claimed to be sane =D

We decided today was a great day for car shopping! For the past four years, I've been borrowing my mom's truck to get back and forth to work. I know you're questioning why I would be borrowing her vehicle rather than getting one of my own, but the truth is I actually already have one of my own. It just doesn't run. When we first moved here in 2006, The Hubs and I purchased a 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe. It has been nothing but trouble since we got it. On top of the money we're paying for it (because, yes, we're still making payments - when The Hubs was out of work, we came to an arrangement with our loan company where we paid only interest. This means we're now still paying on the truck), we've put approximately $3000 into repairs on the thing in an attempt to make it a usable piece of machinery. Alas, it was not to be.

So, today The Hubs and I climbed into his car, drove 2 hours into the area worst hit by tornados and began searching for a car for me. We decided that, since we're in the midst of the adoption process, it would be prudent to acquire a vehicle for me that would accomodate little ones (or medium-sized ones if we adopt the child we're interested in, seeing as how she's 14). We looked for about 2 hours and stumbled upon a car I was absolutely and totally in love with! After another 2 hours, we were driving out of the lot, in seperate vehicles this time!

I am now the proud owner of a red 2011 Chevrolet Aveo. It is the most new car I've ever owned. I am exceptionally proud of it and pleased. The Hubs is happy because next weekend is his birthday and, as he stated, he'll probably drive it more than I will (I hate to drive and prefer to sleep on trips longer than 15 minutes, lol), therefore, it's like a new car for him as well!

My new ride. Isn't it gorgeous?!


Kristin said...

It's s gorgeous car but, like I said before, you are crazy for driving into tornado land. Glad you made it home in one piece and found such a nice car.

Emily said...

You are crazy! I am glad you are both back home safe. Congrats on your new car! If I could I would throw a whole bunch of change in the back seat for good luck!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Gorgeous new wheels!! Congrats!

But going into a tornado zone for car shopping? Yikes!

Lynn said...

I must admit that this post makes us sound either more brave or more crazy than we actually are. I have to admit that neither bravery or craziness actually came into us going into a tornado zone to car shop. Rather, that can be put down to my innate failure to check the weather forecast. I was actually rather stunned to learn - when we were more than halfway there & had just seen an area where a tornado had recently been through - that we were headed into the area. I'm never very good at remembering to check out the weather (basically, because I don't enjoy doing it), so this particular crazy adventure can be put down more to bewildered ignorance.

Judy said...

Congratulations - - on both the car and not being swept up in a tornado while looking at cars!

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