Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On Matters of Brothers and Superheroes

My brother arrived this past Saturday. It's been really awesome getting to see him and spend time with him. He'll be here until this coming Saturday, then he goes back to New Jersey. I'm not sure when we'll get the chance to see him again, so I'm just trying to enjoy the time we have with him. The Hubs and I went out to eat with him and my Mom Sunday night. We went to a local seafood restaurant. The food was nice, but the company was even better.

Saturday evening, The Hubs and I had decided to give my brother and my Mom and Dad some time alone to visit, so we went to the movies to see The Green Hornet in 3D. We didn't really expect a lot from it because we had heard a lot of negative thoughts on it and, of course, it was in 3D and lately it seems everything is in 3D (frequently without making the best use of the technology). However, we went anyway, after having a really fabulous steak dinner. The movie was freaking hilarious! We both LOVED it and the 3D technology was used to the best advantage in this movie. Now I'll admit, there will be some of you out there who don't like the movie and won't agree with me that it was great, but we really enjoyed it. I'm sure when The Green Hornet makes it to DVD, it will become part of our collection.

I had a call today from my RE's office. We were supposed to have an appointment with him this Thursday, however, they were needing to reschedule. The appointment was originally rescheduled til tomorrow, but the receptionist called me back and said Dr. O only had an hour opening tomorrow and he said that he would need longer than that for us because I was a "complicated case". Hmmm. Not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, he is at least giving us plenty of time and attention, but on the other hand, I don't think I like being complicated while TTC. I'm hoping we get some good news next week.

Off to watch some television with my family now (we're currently at my Mom's house right now), so I will catch up with you lovely folks later!


Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

Enjoy the time with your brother!

Kristin said...

I'm glad you are having such a great visit with your brother.

We can't wait to see The Green Hornet. Glad you enjoyed it.

Alana said...

Boo for RE reschedule, sorry, Sweetie!

Yay for visit from brother and lots of family time! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had to reschedule at the RE's. I think my RE always considered me a complicated case as well. Glad you enjoyed the movie. I kinda want to see it as well.

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