Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Story of Promises, Faith and Hope

The story begins two years ago today exactly. It was a Sunday morning. The Hubs and I had gotten very excited because AF was late! We thought we must surely be pregnant. We woke early and The Hubs waited while I took the test. Then we waited together until time to read the results. We walked hand-in-hand to the bathroom and eagerly looked at the test.


To this day, that moment still burns in my memory more strongly than all the other negative results. It seemed like the world was crashing down around me. My insides felt as though they had turned to jelly and I wasn't sure I could ever stop crying. It felt like all hope was gone. I asked The Hubs why we even continued trying. What was the point?

The morning seemed to have found its pivotal point for what would be thrown at us. When I had managed to compose myself enough to consider readying myself for church, I was unable to find my slip. Great, I thought, Just great. A search ensued and eventually the wayward slip turned up. However, by that time we were late for Sunday school and resigned ourselves to simply making it to church on time.

When we made it into church, our normal seats 3 rows from the back were occupied by a visitor. We looked at one another, sighed and made our way to the only empty seats in the place, about 4 rows from the front. This day's church service was not a typical one. A baby was being dedicated to the Lord. Not just any baby though. The 2 month old son of friends who had fought their own seven year battle with infertility and who had, four years into that battle, adopted a child. Two years later, they had found themselves pregnant with a biological child. Naturally.

I should have been happy for them. I should have been overjoyed. And I was happy, but deep inside, it was tearing me to pieces. The Hubs put his arm around me as tears wracked my body and I desperately attempted to keep my meltdown in check and away from the attention of those surrounding us. I got a couple of curious glances, but managed to keep it together, mostly. The tear stains on my dress were tell-tell signs of my anguish, but the wracking sobs calmed to silent shakes of my shoulders and huge, wet slides down my cheeks. When our pastor made his usual alter call, The Hubs and I quietly retreated from the church and to our car.

I told The Hubs how much I was hurting as we started driving away and he expressed he was feeling much the same way. I again asked why we we continued to try only to have the same heartbreak over and over. Suddenly, The Hubs asked me to read our Sunday school lesson. He said he felt a need to hear it. So I pulled our Sunday school book out of my bible and began to read. The lesson was from 1 Samuel and told of how Hannah had prayed many years for a child and had, after years of trying in futility, been made fruitful and bore Samuel. I began crying again as I read. How much more would I be asked to bear this day?

However, as I continued reading, a voice came in my head. The word I heard was very clear, although the meaning was not. The word was February. A warmth flowed through my body and a peace came over me. I felt bouyant with joy. It felt like I had the answer I was seeking, why we kept hoping. But, how could February be the answer to why we continued trying and hoping for a child? I didn't understand. I simply knew it was. I told The Hubs that I didn't know when or why or how but February would be important in the life of our child. And, for a time, knowing that was enough. I was able to accept our lot, knowing that the future held better.

I am ashamed to admit (although I have done this previously on this site), though, that I did not keep that faith. I was tested and I didn't hold up as strong as I had hoped I would. Life came at me, full force, and I lost my belief that we were being looked after. I doubted. It only took me a few months to regain my faith and see that I was being tested, but I'm still saddened that I failed my first test. However, I believe that the Lord has promised to look after us and that, even if we make mistakes, He will still keep his word if we will just trust in him.

A few weeks ago, after several months out of church, we began our climb back to faithfulness. At the beginning, it was a very difficult journey because, on the surface, nothing had changed. Life was still hard. Two Februaries had come and gone with no sign of our child. I had been subjected to THAT look from friends when I had told them why I was so adamant February would be important. That look that is a mixture sympathy, disbelief and ridicule that is reserved for women who have been trying for years to conceive a child. The one that says "oh-you-poor-thing-you-really-have-gone-off-the-deep-end-this-time-to-believe-the-Lord-spoke-to-you-and-told-you-he-would-give-you-a-child". The one that is just ever so slightly smug because they have the one thing you would give most anything for.

Why did I think I would be able to trust again when nothing had changed. The answer is I had changed. I had been to and through the worst I could imagine. And yet, I was still standing. I still had a home, I still had a husband who loved me, I still had family who helped me when I needed it, I still had more than I deserved and I still had a Creator who would forgive me, still loved me and would still provide for me.

Knowing all this made my journey back a lot easier. Then the news of our hopeful adoption came last week.

At church Sunday, I told the friend who's son had been dedicated that prophetic Sunday the news that we may be adopting a child. Eyes glowing, she asked me if we knew the gender of the baby and when I said yes and told her, she insisted I find her mom (who is my next door neighbor and a close friend as well) and tell her the news. When I did, she excitedly told me of a dream God had given her just before The Hubs and I returned to our church. In the dream, she had seen The Hubs and I holding our child and dedicating him to the Lord. The baby was a boy. And he is due in February.

While we've still not been able to sit down with the birth mom, C, to discuss details, I feel things will work out for the best. I feel this child has been ordained for us and the Lord's plan will come to pass. If this child is not the one the Lord has planned for us, if C decides to parent him herself (and I would support her as much as I could on this decision, no matter how hard it was for me), if any of a hundred other things prevent this adoption from being successful, I will accept that and trust that the Lord has another child for us. And that February will still be important for that child. And that we will parent a special little boy.

Of this, I am absolutely certain. The Lord promised. My faith is regained. And The Hubs and I have hope overflowing from every pore of our being.

I don't ask anyone else to feel as I do about the Lord. I don't even ask you to believe that I was given a message. You may feel I'm crazy and that's okay. I understand that feeling. I've had it myself at times over the last 2 years. But I know. I know there is a promise that has been made and will be kept. I hope each person who reads this has something they can believe in and hold to. It is one of the best feelings in the world!


WiseGuy said...

Dear Lynn, What a beautiful post. I want your dream of parenthood to be fructified.

Your transformation is amazing.

I also want to thank you for the beautiful comment and anniversary wishes you left on my blog.

AKD said...

This is so inspiring and beautiful. :)

Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts and words. Thinking of you, as well.

Suzy said...

What a beautiful post. The Lord is good and I'm so glad you have that peace.

I can't wait until February comes for you!


Lavender Luz said...

Your story is truly amazing.

Life Happens said...

What a lovely story. Sometimes the Lord gives us answers, but it's our job to be faithful and endure 'til the end.

I prayed for a long time to know if I could GET pregnant. That prayer was answered, but unfortunately, I haven't been able to STAY pregnant. But I do have faith that we will be blessed and I just have to trust in the Lord.

Congrats on the adoption!!

Jess said...

What a beautiful story and very inspiring! You wrote this post beautifully! During infertility, it is so hard to trust in God sometimes, and I think that is okay, and I'm proud of you for going back and being faithful again. I've had my own battles. I can't wait until the month of February!

Justina said...

Wow, your story is truly beautiful. I'm sitting here with tears running down my face as I read it. The loss of faith is something that my hubby and I have been struggling with too. It gives me faith to read about your story. I really hope that February will bring you the answer you want.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I have chills down my arms from when the news from the dream matched the feeling you had been holding for years matched reality. What a beautiful story.

KLTTX said...

I am so glad that Mel's Kirtsy'd this. What a wonderful post.

Alexicographer said...

Here from LFCA/Kirtsy -- this is a beautiful post ... I hope February will see your dreams come true.

areyoukiddingme said...

Here from the Wish post at Stirrup Queens...

I hope that your wish comes true, and I know that God always comes through on his promises. Much luck...virtually holding your hand until February!

Journeywoman said...

I hope it works for you. This is a beautiful story.

Joy said...

Thank you for this post. It's not always easy to have faith and infertility will definitely put one's faith on trial. I too found that letting go of my way and looking for His was the answer. I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into my life through adoption.

May your faith continue to grow and bring you strength. God bless.

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